Amy Sillman



Zines, et al.





Minute Cinema: Spring, 2024
Single-channel video, 1:01 min, color, sound
Sound by Marina Rosenfeld


After Metamorphoses, 2015-16
Single-channel video, 5:23 min looped, color, sound
Music by Wibke Tiarks


Kick the Bucket, 2015-16
Single-channel video
1:10 min looped, color, sound

For the ALL-OVER, Portikus, Frankfurt.
July 1 – September 4, 2016


Draft of a Voice-Over for
Split-Screen Video, 2012
Poem by Lisa Robertson
Animation by Amy Sillman
Single-channel video
6:07 min looped, color, sound


Thirteen Possible Futures: Cartoon for a Painting, 2012
Single-channel video, 5:10 min looped, color, silent


Pinky's Rule, 2011
Single-channel video, 7:36 min looped, color, sound
Poem by Charles Bernstein


Triscuits, 2010-11
Single-channel video, 12:21 min, color, silent


Radiation, 2015
Single-channel video, 1:27 min looped, color, sound