Amy Sillman

I wrote an article on Delacroix for 4columns!

and a book, with a long text by Valerie Smith, is in the works from Lund Humphries!!

& there was some really wonderful writing in response to my show at Camden Arts Centre in London:

Nicholas Hatfull in Frieze:


Kerstin Stakemeier in Flash Art:


Rachel Haidu in Artforum:


and Melissa Gordon in Texte zur Kunst (not online, but I'll post it in writing section.)

thank you all!



COMING UP NEXT! SOLO SHOW at the Arts Club in Chicago!

from May 22 til August 3.


the All-Over

Currently you can get a copy at Capitain Petzel Gallery in Berlin, and at Barbara Gladstone Gallery in NYC. The book is published by Portikus and Dancing Foxes Press, and also distributed by Mousse Publishing. you can order it online or tell your favorite bookstore!


For information about my work,  please contact my galleries. In NYC, please contact Gladstone Gallery.

Or, Capitain Petzel in Berlin, Susanne Vielmetter in LA, Campoli Presti in Paris, Thomas Dane in London.

I am slow to answer the email that comes here! So please have patience, or write to a gallery. Thank you!