Amy Sillman


here are some current notes about stuff I'm doing.


SHOWS, current and recent:




 1. solo show in FRANKFURT am MAIN: THE ALL-OVER, a solo show at PORTIKUS, which runs throughout the summer.

The show features a 24-panel cycle of printed paintings, a new zine and an animation.

The show runs til Sept 4. Please go to for more info.


2. i'm in two group shows in NYC going on now! One at BARBARA GLADSTONE: "see sun, and think shadow" til july 30, curated by Simone Battisti; the other at MARY BOONE, "life of forms" curated by Piper Marshall til july 29.


3. group show in VIENNA: Painting 2.0 (curated by Ammer, Joselit and Hochdoerfer)  at MuMOK, until NOVEMBER 6, 2016.

more info at 




my last ZINE, the OG#9, is STILL AVAILABLE at Sikkema Jenkins in nyc.... just ask at the desk! 

NEWEST ZINE, the OG#10, is available at PORTIKUS, Frankfurt am Main!

NOTE on contacting me:

If you would like to contact me please do. But I am usually slow to answer. I don't sell work here. If you want further info about my work,  please contact one of the galleries that I work with:  Sikkema Jenkins Co in NYC, Capitain Petzel in Berlin, Campoli Presti in Paris/London, or Thomas Dane in London. OR Tanya Leighton, in Berlin, while the group show there is up, til April 16.  thanks!!



---POSTER BELOW from the ALL OVER at Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, summer 2016