Amy Sillman


here are some current notes about stuff I'm doing.

First, BOOKS: "one lump or two" catalog is available via bookstores or various websites.

support a local bookstore! here's mine:



I did the art for a wonderful small press book with fiction

by Lynne Tillman,


A project published by PICA in Portland and by New Herring Press!

here's a link:

or at PICA in Portland!!! or ask your local bookstore to get it.


Third, I'll be going to Germany on April 1, 2014, until August.

Next things coming up:  big group painting show opening in Munich in November 2015;

solo project (booklet and wall drawing) in Bregenz also Nov 15;

a solo show next Feb or March at Sikkema Jenkins, NYC;

later on, something at The Drawing Center, NYC.


If you need something, you can email here and my Studio Mgr might be able to help you.

Or please contact one of the galleries that I work with a lot:

Sikkema Jenkins Co in NYC, Capitain Petzel in Berlin, Thomas Dane in London.